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Scent Eliminator For Hunting Spray Scent Killer Kit For Hunting

  • $ 29.99

Scent Eliminator Deer Hunting Scent Blocker Combo by Kit by Hunt Lab Technologies Makes 2 Gallons - 256 oz With Spray Bottle. The best scent eliminator for hunting!

DON'T GET WINDED WHEN YOU ARE ON THAT BIG DEER HUNT! In fact our product could be used for bear, elk, Moose, Coyote or any animal with a strong sense of smell.

There are many factors involved in a successful hunt, eliminating human odor is a key factor. Our product addresses this issue with a concentrated dry blend of organic compounds all of which absorb or eliminate odors. Other brands are shipped already mixed so not only are you paying for watered down scent, but your'e buying small amounts that does not last through the season. Our product produces two gallons of organic premium scent block. 256 ounces of usable product and you get an 8 ounce spray bottle that you can refill 32 times.

Hunt Lab Technologies surpasses the competition in all ways including performance, quality, price and quantity!

Product Features:

  • Fights odor-causing bacteria at the source 
  • Organic Premium Formula 
  • Kit comes with 8 oz spray bottle 
  • Fragrance FREE 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Concentrate makes 2 gallon of scent block 
  • Collectible tin

Hunt Lab hunting scent control products offer you a powerful tool designed to get you closer than ever before, while no product on the market today is guaranteed to work completely, our product will get you close enough to seal the deal or buy you that valuable few seconds to make the shot. We offer a concentrated approach to dominate odor the easy and natural way. Be in control with our organic compounds, catch and control odors. Give yourself the added edge of odor control with Hunt Lab Technologies Hunting Scent Blocker.

Directions: One teaspoon of our concentrate dissolved in 8 ounces of water provides you with a powerful scent control tool. the 16 ounce outfitters tin produces 32 servings of our 8 ounce spray bottles.

Not only does Hunt Lab stand behind their products, they use the products themselves.