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Camo Tape Hunting Stealth Gun And Bow Camouflage Cloth Tape Flexible 14.5 Feet Per Roll - 2 Rolls

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Camo Tape For Hunting Stealth Gun Tape And Bow Tape. Camouflage Cloth Tape Flexible 14.5 Feet Per Roll - 2 Rolls

This camouflage retractable self-adhesive wrap cloth tape is similar to Velcro, this tape is not sticky when applied with direct contact with other objects in the same material. Also great for paintball guns

It only sticks to itself tightly with 200% magnification ratio highly flexible non-woven fabric. Making it the perfect camo for covering all sorts of hunting gear such as guns, bows, binoculars, flashlights, knife handles, knife sheaths, canteens, notebooks and more!

It is excellent concealment aid and it can reduces any glare or shine of the object. .

Length: About 14.5 feet per roll,Width 1.96"

Material: Non-woven natural latex


  1. Self-adhesive  
  2. Suitable for winding cylindrical objects  
  3. No residue or gumming  
  4. Made from a highly-flexible non-woven fabric material  
  5. Lightweight and compact design, self-adhesive, easily stick to itself  
  6. Reusable, removable and washable  
  7. Note: *There is a faint fragrance, colors may vary slightly